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Wire edm wedm take the special functionBack


Take care wire edm wedm commonly used in addition to the basic function of wedm outside, still have the following special function:

(1) automatic wear, cut silk function

Take care wire edm wedm generally with automatic wear silk and cut silk function, and has to break the automatic processing function, can place wear silk, or return to cut up DianChuan silk.

(2) motor servo closed-loop control function

Take care wire edm wedm is normally made by using closed loop control function, so the machining accuracy is higher.

(3) expert system database

Take care wire edm wedm generally with it's own processing conditions database, the user simply follow the instructions choose data can automatically generate processing parameter table.

(4) corner control function

Corner control function is divided into two kinds: one kind is automatically change corner machining condition, ensure the shape accuracy of Angle cutting: one is the punch mould application of automatic clear Angle function, facilitate set piece load

(5) program have to operation function

Take care wire edm wedm general program has to be automatic operation function, can be plugged in all kinds of mathematical operations.

(6) coordinates rotation function

Take care wire edm wedm except for a graphics rotating functions, but also at the same time a coordinates rotation function, namely the workpiece loading need not school table, use direct copper wire touch the two differences to coordinate rotating positioning.

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