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(1) wire electrode and between parts must keep a certain discharge gap. In the clearance range, which can meet the pulse voltage constantly breakdown medium, produce spark discharge, and can adapt to spark channel put out in the media and away from ionization removal in product requirements. If the gap is too big, the voltage between actuators can't breakdown the medium, it cannot produce spark discharge.

(2) must be in a certain the insulation performance liquid medium, such as saponification oil, deionized water, etc. To demand higher insulation is to produce pulses to sexual spark discharge; In addition, the liquid medium and ruled out in the gap electrical erosion products and cooling wire electrode role.

(3) discharge must is a short pulse discharge. Due to the discharge of short time, make the heat energy produced is too late when discharge are processed materials internal diffusion, and take the energy function limit in small range, keep spark discharge properties of freezing cold.

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