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Business Principle

Business Principle:
Diligent, Pragmatic, innovative, And Progressive

Quality Policy:
Customer Foremost, quality First, service FocusedPursuing Excellence

Quality Objectives:
Lot Acceptance Rate > 99.5%(per month);
Formula: LAP=(Qualified Lots/Total Inspection Lots)x 100%;
Number of Customer Complaints <3 (per month);

Future will forecast:
Expectation of the future humans are beautlful due to their pursuits.
Human beinas can surpass their fathers due to their pursuits and make progress due to their transcending.
So that "Lijing man" becomes a kind of faith, dream will begin to come ture.
The people in Global metals are hard-working and clinging. They will inherit the achievements in the past and continuousily work hard with an attitude of zero beginning.

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